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KSAND Board of Directors – 2017-2018

Executive Director – Gretchen Stroberg

President – Jennifer Morris

Treasurer – Margo Humenczuk

Secretary – Johannah O’Malley

Delegate – Staci Cardenas

CPI Chair – Kylene Frost

CPI Chair-Elect – Cara Harbstreet

KSANDF Chair – Nicole Debus

Membership Chair – Kat Benson

Nominating Committee Chair – Amber Howells

Nominating Committee Chair-Elect – Jeannine Goetz

Nominating Committee – Jill Ladd

Nominating Committee – Erika Lindshield

Marketing/Media Chair – Bethany Frazier

Marketing/Media Co-Chair – Isabelle Bouchard

Reimbursement Chair – Anna Binder

Consumer Protection Coordinator – Linda Eisenhart

National Nutrition Month Chair – Melaney Coco

Newsletter Editor – Kristi Thaete

Bylaws & Standing Rules Chair – Melinda Pine

Awards Chair – Angie Lanigan

Awards Committee – Stephanie Becker

Awards Committee – Rachel Simpson

KCDA President – Megan Callahan

WKDA President – Tammy Simons

WDA President – Diane Greenleaf-Kisner

Public Policy Coordinator – Breta Alstrom

Public Policy Co-Coordinator – Caitlyn Neuendorf

Leadership is both an art and a skill.  Kansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recognizes the responsibility to train their volunteers and to empower them to successfully complete their roles within the organization.

A Leadership Orientation or Retreat is offered annually to bring the volunteers and elected officers together for team building and strategic planning.  Each member is encouraged to embrace their role and to become part of the dynamic team.

Each year, KSAND sponsors the President Elect’s attendance at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Leadership Institute.  The Leadership Institute supports the Academy’s commitment to develop its members by ensuring they embody a leadership mindset for innovation, adaptability, empowerment and risk-taking.

Interested in becoming involved? Email Jennifer Morris at President@eatrightks.org

2017 KSAND Leadership Retreat

At the beginning of June, the incoming and outgoing KSAND board met in Wichita for the annual leadership retreat, orientation and board meeting. This year, the board volunteered with The Lord’s Diner. The mission of The Lord’s Diner is “to serve a nutritious meal with dignity and respect to anyone who is hungry.” This organization has two locations in Wichita and and three food trucks, helping to feed over 2,500 meals a night (60% of whom are families). This was quite a humbling experience for everyone.

The History of KSAND Presidents

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Jennifer Morris

Angela Lanigan

Lisa Martin

Leslie Bain

Erin Laurie


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