This year’s virtual conference revolves around Kansans, and how we as nutrition professionals can help them thrive through FOOD. What type of FOOD? The FOOD that helps us:

                 F: Feed People with Purpose
                 O: Outreach & Communicate
                 O: Overcome Obstacles
                 D: Diversify the Profession
Conference Details                     
Date and Time: Thursday, April 13 (evening) and Friday, April 14 (all day)
Location: WHOVA Virtual Platform
Presentations and Speakers
Proposals are currently in review, with a draft schedule to come late Nov or early Dec.
Call for Posters
The Call for Posters is currently open. Please visit the Call for Poster webpage for details on how to submit a poster presentation.
Logo Contest: Create the 2023 KSAND Annual Conference Logo
The Call for Logo submissions is currently open. Please visit the Call for Logo webpage for details on how to submit a logo for potential selection.

Why is the Annual Conference virtual this term?

The format and style of an annual conference is typically determined 12 or months in advance. Given the environmental factors of Kansas at that time, the KSAND Leadership Team saw it is KSAND’s best interest, health of members and financially, to host a virtual event for the 2022/2023 term.

While a large in-person event wasn’t an option for this term, small in-person events are manageable and an expectation of KSAND. Please be on the look out for upcoming KSAND Foundation Fundraising events.

How with the Conference help attendees stay engaged?

The KSAND Annual Conference will be hosted on the Whova platform, which offers many opportunities for the Conference attendees to engage with speakers, other attendees, poster presenters, exhibitors, sponsors, and KSAND Leaders. The Conference is also expected to have roundtable discussions and a networking event, along with a variety of quizzes and prizes throughout the educational sessions.

Please reach out to the KSAND Executive Director at with any questions. 

Upcoming Foundation Events

Networking and fundraising events are currently being planned for the second half of the KSAND term, within the following areas.


Kansas City

If you are interested in helping to plan one of these events, please reach out to