The KSAND Foundation Supports Five Awards to Outstanding KSAND Member Practitioners or Students

Click respective award to learn more about requirements, and when you are ready to apply, click the “Affiliate Submission” button.

The winners are announced at a Kansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Conference, and recipients will receive complimentary registration to a KSAND Conference and a plaque. Funding for these awards comes from KSANDF.

Submissions Due: March 20, 2024


Accelerate improvements in state-wide health and well-being through food and nutrition

Recipients of the Outstanding Dietitian of the Year Award (previously the Distinguished Dietitian of the Year)

             2021 Kristi Thaete

2020 Karen Stephens
2019 Jeannine Goetz
2018 Sarah Marcy
2017 Debra Sullivan
2016 Lisa Martin
2015 Kevin Sauer
2014 Diane Greenleaf-Kisner
2013 Charlotte Buchanan

2012 Stephanie Cundith
2011 Joan Stadler
2010 Heidi Wells
2009 Crissy Kaleekal
2008 Jane Byrnes
2007 Roxanne Bell
2006 Melinda Hickerson
2005 Margo Humenczuk
2004 Grace Wong
2003 Ann Hunter

Recipients of the Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year Award

               2021 Danielle Cox

2020 Breta Alstrom
2019 Ariel Johnston
2018 Jennifer Morris, Johannah Schrader
2017 Cara Harbstreet
2016 Kathleen Benson
2015 Anna Binder
2014 Angie Lanigan
2013 Audrey Monroe

2012 Laura Romig
2011 Sarah Marcy
2010 Sara Sawer
2009 Jeannine Goetz
2008 Missy Schrader, Heidi Wells
2007 Jennifer Williams
2006 Jenny Scheer
2005 Dorinda Robinson
2004 Charlotte Buchanan
2003 Erin Laurie

Recipients of the Emerging Dietetic Award

            2020 Kristi Baonga

2019 Joel Morgan
2018 Gretchen Stroberg
2017 Marley Sugar
2016 Tammi Krier
2015 Abby Heidari

2014 Courtney Kruse
2013 Carrie Mark
2012 Kirsten Angell
2011 Stephanie Cundith
2010 Elena Caviar
2009 Diane Greenleaf

Recipients of the Recognized Nutrition and Dietetics Technician of the Year Award (previously Recognized Dietetic Technician)

            2001 Rita Braddock

Recipients of the Outstanding Dietetic Student Award (new to KSAND)