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Open Ballot Positions:

1) President-Elect     

2) CPI Chair-Elect

3) Nominating Committee + Chair-Elect     

4) Treasurer

Questions about Nominations… Reach out to Nominating Committee Chair, Margo Humenczuk (

Questions about Process… Reach out to KSAND Executive Director, Jennifer Seyler (


Open Appointed Positions

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President-Elect: The President-elect supports the President in leading KSAND towards its strategic direction and values; serves as a member of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Conference Planning Committee, and Advocacy Team. Appoints chairs and members of committees to serve during term as president; and performs the functions of the office of President in the absence or disability of the President. Plans and executes the Leadership Orientation. Three term position; turn into President, then Past-President.

CPI Chair-Elect: Assists the Conference Planning Committee Chair with planning and facilitating the Annual Conference. Preliminary planning for the following year Annual Conference. In the event of the CPI Chair’s absence at any meeting, the CPI Chair-elect will perform the functions of the CPI Chair. Two-term position; turn into Chair.

Nominating Committee + Chair-Elect: Responsible for recruiting candidates to fill the ballot for open elected and appointed KSAND Board position. The individual with the most votes becomes the Nominating Committee Chair-Elect, and the other two candidates become Committee members. The Chair-Elect is a two term position; turn into Chair.

Treasurer: Maintains custody of all funds and securities of KSAND and KSAND Foundation (KSANDF) and keep complete and accurate records for checking account, investments, KSAND Articles of Incorporation, tax preparation and filing, budget preparation, and other financial records.


NOTE: Not on the ballot this term because…

As a reminder the Treasurer and Secretary are two year positions and are on the ballot every other term, and the Delegate is a three year position so it is on the ballot every three years.

Secretary: Serves as Official Recorder and Voting Member of all KSAND Board of Director and Executive Committee Meetings during term. Two-term position.

Delegate: The KSAND Delegate serves as the affiliate’s voice in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Academy) House of Delegates (HOD) and as a member of the KSAND Board of Directors (Executive Board). Serves as the Executive Committee Liaison for the Advocacy Team. Represents KSAND as a member of Academy HOD. Communicates KSAND member and prof issues to the Academy. Informs KSAND members about Academy goals/activities, association and practice issues and programs. Liaison in assisting KSAND Board in developing affiliate goals in keeping with national goals based on national trends and or changes in standards of practice, ethics, position statements and availability of Academy resources (align). Three-term position.