Board of Directors Activity

The Board of Directors meets every two months to:

I am a member of KSAND. How can I listen in on KSAND Board of Director meetings?

If you are interested in listening to KSAND Board of Director meetings, please:

  1. Check the KSAND Calendar for meeting days and times
  2. Choose the meeting you would like to attend
  3. Send your chosen meeting(s) to the KSAND Executive Director
  4. Within a day or two, you will receive meeting invites to respective meetings

Please find helpful KSAND resources that establish the overall goals, procedures, and rules that are relevant to KSAND Leaders and its members. Please reach out to the KSAND Executive Director at with any questions/suggestions.


2022/2023 Board Directory

KSAND Leadership Organizational Chart

Expense Report Template (excel)