Your membership in KSAND is complimentary if you are a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics! You receive two memberships for the price of one.

If you haven’t joined the Academy, now is the time! Click HERE to register online. Be sure to mark Kansas as your state affiliate. If you mark a different state affiliate, then you can still become a Supporter Member of KSAND. Supporter membership with KSAND allows the Academy member access to most KSAND benefits including the list serv, MyKSAND resources, and member rates for continuing education events. Click HERE for information on our Supporter Membership.

If you are a member of the Academy, but are not receiving any communications from KSAND, please check your Profile at the the Academy website and ensure you have selected Kansas as your state affiliate.

A member can change their state affiliate at any time during the year. To do so, contact the Academy’s Membership Team to make the change by phone 312/899-0040 (ext. 5000) or email This change can not be made under the online My Academy profile.

KSAND receives the majority of its funding from the rebate provided by the Academy to the affiliate from the Academy membership dues. If all registered dietitians in Kansas were Academy members, then KSAND would be able to offer even more member benefits. So members, please invite your colleagues to join the Academy/KSAND. Take the challenge and recruit Kansas dietitians to become active members of KSAND. Together, we can make a difference!


Accelerate improvements in state-wide health and well-being through food and nutrition