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Purpose of Dietetic Licensure –> Professional Licensing Protects Consumers!

To ensure that consumers are able to identify and access qualified professionals who demonstrate the knowledge, skill and competency necessary to provide safe and ethical nutrition therapy.

As the public increasingly understands the importance of good nutrition, some individuals without any formal education, training or expertise in human nutrition or dietetics may exploit this newly recognized market.

Additionally, licensure often provides health insurance companies and state and federal governments with the assurance that these practitioners meet standards of professional competence in order to be reimbursed for providing nutrition care services.

Dietetic Licensure in Kansas

Dietitians in the State of Kansas work with the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) to help protect Kansans. For more information in KDADS, visit www.kdads.ks.gov.


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Consumer Protection and Licensure Rationale from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 

Kansas has licensure defined as a title only act. This type of licensure defines the legal scope of practice of a Licensed Dietitian in Kansas. It means that if another individual who is not licensed calls themselves a “dietitian” they are in breach of the licensure law. It also provides that if an individual provides services that are defined in the “scope of practice” without a license, they may be in violation. If you are unsure of whether a licensure law may have been breached, please contact the KSAND Executive Director or KDADS Licensing Administrator.

Kansas Dietitian License Verification

Registered dietitians are the trusted nutrition professionals. Licensure enables patients, consumers, and insurers to trust that only qualified individuals are practicing dietetics. Licensure also ensures that qualified individuals are delivering safe, effective medical nutrition therapy. Earning and keeping the trust, while keeping our patients and consumers safe, is of utmost importance. Please report any questionable practice to protect our patients or consumers and our profession. To verify licensure, please click here. 

Contact Information

KSAND Executive Director: director@eatrightks.org

  • 312-919-5643

KDADS Licensing Administrator: Karen.Torbert@ks.gov

  • If you would like to file a complaint or contact the Kansas State License Administrator for Dietitians at the KS Health Occupations Credentialing
  • 785-296-0061
  • Fax: 785-296-3075

What a Registered Dietitian Can Do for You

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Adverse Incident Reporting Form

Let’s support proper licensure of all practicing nutrition professionals to bring no harm to the public and profession. Click the above link to report any adverse incidents.