Steph Wagner, MS, RD

Co-founder, Bariatric Food Coach

Mission, KS

FNCE® KSAND Member Experience

What was your favorite FNCE session and why?

The Interstate Compacts session was great information and helped me understand what it is and how it works.

What session did you find to be the most applicable to you, based on your current position, and why? 

The session on Eating Disorders and Weight Management. This was put on by the Weight Management DPG and was a great way to bridge the divide between ‘anti-diet’ and treating the disease of obesity. It’s not an easy topic and I appreciate that they ‘went there’ with these groups. I work in bariatric surgery and obesity treatment but do want to see more eating disorder screening earlier in the process to surgical treatment.

How did attending FNCE help you become a ‘better’ food and nutrition health professional?

I always love the conference. It’s inspiring to see what colleagues are up to and remember why our job is so important in our communities. That puts energy back into my work.

Approximately how many years have you attended FNCE?

I have attended FNCE between two and five times.

If you have another session that you found to be very applicable to you, based on your current position, please share the session and why?

I enjoyed the session on AI and nutrition practice. It wasn’t as directly applicable as I thought, but inspiring to hear how Global RDs are using AI to find and treat malnutrition in third world countries. They also spoke to the concerning parts of AI and that we need to stay engaged so we can teach consumers how to identify correct and incorrect information.